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The dispensing of medications by pharmacies via remotely operated automated dispensing systems that include a live audio video link with a pharmacist to provide pharmacy services at the point of care in hospital emergency roomsspecialty clinics, employer based health clinics and other deployment settings to improve compliance and adherence with a patient's drug therapy. Ninety percent of organizations have begun developing or implementing a distance-based care program, and telemedicine services will be central to the success of their organizations. Many facilities already offer remote patient monitoring servicesstore and forward technology  and real-time interaction capabilities.

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Neurologists can now monitor stroke victims  remotely to provide instant evaluations that can save lives. Patients recovering from surgery at home can have an remote house call with a video link to their surgeon for follow-up appointments. And, in one of the newest applications of telemedicine, psychiatrists can meet patients in virtual worlds where they can seek resolutions. Telemedicine has obvious applications in remote or underserved areas, it can serve a vital function even in well-served areas, where there are often not enough specialists to meet the demand. In cases of stroke, for instance, a neurologistís diagnosis in the first few minutes can be crucial. Stronger network connectivity and advanced technologies,  telemedicine is paving the way for a new approach to care--and many providers already are seeing the benefits.

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